The device will be designed to search places where an explosion, a gas or terrorist attack may occur. Next, the detection system will notify about possible risks or threats

Safety is the most important aspect of railway transport. Nevertheless every year there are at least few serious accidents in rail traffic.

Development of effective methods for the mass production of plastic objects has revolutionized many industries, but what about mass recycling methods?

VIGO System has developed a unique technology of manufacturing instruments for a quick  and convenient detection of a 1 – 16 μm infrared radiation.

There are  commercially available devices   that utilize technologies developed by VIGO System. Those are apparatuses for exhaled air analysis.

The detectors are used for monitoring process gases in chemical, refining, power generation, food and aerosol production industries.

The unbeatable speed and sensitivity of VIGO System detectors make them useful in applications where the response time is a matter of safety of hundreds of people.

Polish products have already performed well at research centers monitoring the composition of atmosphere, on factory and power plant chimneys, or in unmanned weather balloons.

A variety of spectroscopic techniques is used in gas analysis and sensing – increasingly important fields, crucial in atmosphere monitoring, emission control and industrial processes efficiency.