VIGO System has been supporting an active lifestyle. Our employees have been involved in obstacle course racing, have created a well-coordinated football team, and have been travelling together.

RUNMAGEDON – Strength & character

Team participating in the RUNMAGEDDON events has set an ambitious goal for 2018 – to win the Veteran title. To do so, each of the participants needs to complete runs in each of the forms offered by the organizers within one season.

The first run named “Recruit” was completed on January 13th in extremely difficult winter conditions. Our team had to cover a distance of 8 km and to clear 30 demanding obstacles. Another stage, “Classic”, took place on May 27th on the premises of the Modlin Fortress. Our runners had to cover a distance of 17.5 km, with 50 obstacles. The last step to achieve the status of a Veteran is a “Hardcore” run. To complete it, our employees will have to cover a distance of at least 21 km and to overcome 70 obstacles.

It is worth stressing that the run to be held on October 21st will be a mountain run. We hope our employees will prove to be as solid and reliable as the detectors manufactured by our company.

Our football team

We also have a football team at VIGO System. Shared interests and a passion for sport encourage the players to train together twice a week. On 13-14 May 2018 the team took part in the Polish Championship of the IT Sector.

The high level of competition during the whole event prevented them from taking the best places. Nevertheless, all the players were satisfied with their performance and with the joint participation in the tournament.

Now they are even more eager to continue their training, to which we invite all the willing employees.

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