What makes us special?

We are a Polish company with a worldwide coverage. We specialize in developing new, innovative products and measurement systems, and first of all in solving technical problems of our customers. We gain knowledge, share experience and keep looking for better, innovative solutions. VIGO System means not only work with the best specialists in the field, but also having a unique opportunity to take part in international research projects.

Why is it worth working for VIGO System?

VIGO System is an example of the optimal combination of the world of science and business. Majority of our projects are implemented in co-operation with world-leading universities, such as MIT or the Princeton University. Our employees are the best possible in their professions. They are creative, and our company’s structure enables their opinions and ideas to be submitted directly to decision makers, so the employees have direct impact on the direction of the Company’s development.

Marcin Nowacki
Marcin NowackiSenior Sales Specialist
Some statements from our employees:
“The greatest satisfaction from work at VIGO System comes from participation in the development of amazing, innovative technology that enables scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs to discover new things in the industry and in the world. Because of the global demand for detectors from VIGO System, I work on a daily basis with people from various countries who represent various cultures. That lets me stay curious and eager to work every day.”
Kamil Antosik
Kamil AntosikDetectors Assembly Technician
“I keep smiling since I started working at VIGO, as finally I’ve found a company where I feel appreciated. My progress at work is noticed by my superiors and rewarded regularly with bonuses and salary increases. The employer does not have anything against me regularly donating blood (for which I will tomorrow receive a “Honorary Blood Donor – For Meritorious Service to the Health of the Nation” badge of honor).”
Paweł Leszcz
Paweł LeszczElectronics Development Engineer
“Working at VIGO lets me enjoy my family life without continuous stress and fear of tomorrow. I think the security of employment (contract of employment, very small number of dismissals) is most important, but the atmosphere at work helps, too. At VIGO, relations between employees at every level are based on respect and feeling of mutual dependence. The company makes sure that every employee feels to be its part, and not just a tool used for achieving a goal.”

After hours…

VIGO System is not only about work. Keeping the balance between professional and private life is very important for the company.

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