New Brand – VIGO Photonics

For almost 35 years, VIGO System specialists and researchers have been developing technology, which made the company become a world leader in manufacturing of uncooled photon infrared detectors. Over the years, from a small company employing a few people, VIGO System has become a firm that hires over 200 qualified specialists. The company delivers its products to the biggest technological businesses and the most renowned research centers worldwide. This highest level of technology was recognized when VIGO System infrared detectors were used by NASA during the Mars Science Laboratory mission.

During its operation, VIGO System has successfully conquered new markets thanks to cooperation with distributors. Collaboration with companies from China, Japan, Germany, Sweden, USA or Israel has enabled our technology to reach companies almost all over the world. Currently we want to be even closer to our customers to run further projects together and provide solutions through direct cooperation with our field offices in Taiwan and USA.

In response to the growing market demands for photonic technologies, VIGO System has made multi-million investments in recent years.  Apart from improving quality parameters and increasing production capacity of infrared detectors and modules, another department developing epitaxial layers in line with customers’ needs has been created. The technology specifically applies to layers for VCSEL lasers and InGaAs detectors.

Our company’s dynamic development, being open to new technologies, and the first branches of VIGO System already established in Asia and North America inspired us to create one global brand, which is VIGO Photonics.

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