Agreement no. PBS1/B5/2/2012
Duration: 01/10/2012 – 31/12/2014
Overall budget: PLN 1,997,800.00
Eligible costs: PLN 1,997,800.00
Co-funding: PLN 1,765,500.00
Coordinator: Military University of Technology
Project partner: VIGO System S.A.

The project is inspired by the global market call for advanced mid- and long-term infrared detectors operating without cryogenic cooling. They are referred to by the acronym HOT (High Operation Temperature), which refers to detectors operating at ambient temperature, as well as cooled by simple, cheap and convenient thermoelectric or evaporative coolers. Awareness of the limitations of existing technologies and the need to improve them became the basis for the development of this research project, the practical aim of which is to implement instruments optimized for each wavelength in the range of 2–16 μm with higher detectability and shorter time constant than in the instruments currently offered. The research results will be implemented at VIGO System S.A. already during the project and after its completion.