Agreement no. E9768/23/NCBR/2016
Duration: 1/10/2015-30/09/2018 (1.10.2015-30.09.2017 VIGO System S.A.)
Overall budget: 1,393,498.00 EUR 
Eligible costs (NCBR): PLN 1,707,626.25
Co-funding (NCBR): PLN 853,813.12
Project partners: IRsweep GmbH (Switzerland), Alpes Lasers SA (Switzerland), VIGO System S.A (Poland)

The result of the project is the development of detection modules technology with a detector integrated with electronics in a hermetic housing. Integrated optoelectronic modules for the multi-heterodyne laser absorption spectroscopy system have been developed. These are detection modules dedicated to the petrochemical analyzer developed by a foreign partner, IRSweep (as part of the international PETRA project). The use of an adequately high-sensitivity and broadband detection unit was required. The basis of the detector construction are complex HgCdTe heterostructures made by MOCVD method. It was necessary to do a comprehensive optimization of the entire detection module, providing both the current technological possibilities in the design of the detector and the parameters of currently available electronic components. After completion of the project, the developed 1 GHz detection module for the petrochemical analyzer, similar and other applications was put into production. VIGO has tightened cooperation with foreign partners, which results in the implementation of another project under the EUROSTARS program with one of them, Alpes Lasers SA. It is the ACCORDS project – “Coherent Dispersion Spectrometer”.

Companies associated in the consortium: