GA: 688265
Duration:  01/01/2016 – 30/06/2021
Overall budget: EUR 16,367,797.07
EU contribution: EUR 12,980,217.39
Consortium members: Nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH (Germany), Alpes Lasers SA (Switzerland), Mirsense (France), IQE (France), Fraunhofer IAF (Germany), Fraunhofer IPT (Germany), CSEM (Switzerland), Compound Semiconductor Technologies (United Kingdom), Fraunhofer IPMS (Germany) , IMEC (Belgium), Leti CEA tech (France), Fraunhofer IAF (Germany), III-V Lab (France), VIGO System S.A. (Poland), Synopsys (PhoeniX Software), Tematys (France), EPIC (France)
Industrial partners: Electrolux, QUANTA RED Technologies (Austria), NEO Monitors (Norway), Cascade Technologies (United Kingdom)

Project assumptions:

The MIRPHAB consortium aims to establish a pilot line to serve the growing needs of European industry in the field of analytical micro-sensors. Its main objectives are to:

  • provide a reliable supply of mid-infrared (MIR) photonic components for companies incl. in particular SMEs already active in analytical MIR sensing
  • reduce investment cost to access innovative MIR solutions for companies already active in the field of analytical sensors, but new to MIR photonics based sensing
  • attract companies new to the field of analytical sensors, aiming to integrate μ-sensors into their products.

To fulfil those objectives, MIRPHAB is organized as a distributed pilot line formed by leading European industrial suppliers of MIR photonic components, complemented by first class European R&D institutes with processing facilities capable of carrying out pilot line production.

MIRPHAB provides:
  • access to MIR photonic devices via mounted/packaged devices for laser-based analytical MIR sensors
  • expert design for sensor components to be fabricated in the pilot line plus training services to its customers.

Project operation:

The platform will be organized in such a way that new developments in MIR micro- and integrated optic components and modules can be taken up and incorporated into the MIRPHAB portfolio. MIRPHAB will work on a convincing scheme for the flow of hardware and information, suitable to operate a distributed pilot line efficiently. MIRPHAB will develop solid business cases and a compelling business plan. Potential cost-performance breakthroughs will be shown for reliable MIR sensing products based on building blocks provided by MIRPHAB. MIRPHAB will become a sustainable source of key components for new and highly competitive MIR sensors, facilitating their effective market introduction and thus significantly strengthening the position and competitiveness of the respective European industry sector.

VIGO System’s participation:
  • postprocessing and encapsulation of detectors from partners
  • characterization and assessment of the implementation readiness of new types of detectors
  • integration of detectors with electronics and passive components
  • active participation in the expert group, evaluation of submitted applications
  • construction / integration of demonstrators or their fragments for project clients.
Companies associated in the consortium:
  • Laser technologies: Nanoplus, Alpes lasers, Mirsense, IQE, Fraunhofer IAF, Fraunhofer IPT, CSEM, Compound Semiconductor Technologies
  • Passive elements: Fraunhofer IPMS, IMEC, Leti CEA tech
  • Detector technologies: Fraunhofer IAF, III-V Lab, VIGO System
  • Software : Synopsys (PhoeniX Software)
  • Business development: Tematys
  • Marketing and PR: EPIC, Synopsys (PhoeniX Software)
  • Industrial partners: BOSCH, QUANTA RED Technologies NEO Monitors, Cascade Technologies
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