Agreement no.: POIR 04.01.04-00-0027/16-00
Duration: 01/02/2017 – 31/01/2019
Overall budget: PLN 2 079 318.75
Eligible costs: PLN 2,079,318.75
Co-funding: PLN 1,693,929.38
Coordinator: Military University of Technology
Participant: VIGO System S.A.

About the project:

The mercury cadmium telluride (HgCdTe) has been the main candidate for the middle wavelength infrared, as well as the long wavelength infrared detectors. However, the existence of the European Union directive forces the elimination of mercury compounds from industrial production. So far, the directive has not entirely enforced due to the dominant position of HgCdTe as a strategic material for the production of IR detectors, and also because of the lack of an alternative material systems. However, is already known that the InAsSb ternary alloy is considered to be an alternative to HgCdTe in mid-wavelength infrared spectral region and at the same time is more technology stable. InAsSb detectors can be used in applications which require higher uniformity and higher resistance to difficult operating conditions.

Given the above, the aim of the project is to make research on the photoelectric phenomena in InAsSb heterostructures grown by MBE, in order to determine the structure and to develop the technology of optically-immersed MWIR photodetectors operated at near-room temperatures with detectivity close to the fundamental limits with higher reliability and resistance to environmental exposure.