Sensors for 4.0 Industry and IoT

Agreement no. MAZOWSZE/0090/19-00
Duration: 01/10/2019 – 30/09/2022
Overall budget: PLN 20,645,225.82
Eligible costs:  PLN 20,645,225.82
Co-funding:  PLN 14,280,549.68
Project coordinator: VIGO System S.A.
Project partner: Warsaw University of Technology

On 03.12.2019 Vigo System S.A. signed an agreement for co-funding the research project MAZOWSZE/0090/19-00 entitled: “Sensors for 4.0 Industry and IoT” (“Ścieżka dla Mazowsza” competition).

VIGO System S.A. is the leader of the consortium, which also includes the Military University of Warsaw. The total amount of eligible costs of the Project is PLN 20 645 225.82, and the amount of co-financing is PLN 14 568 592.02, which is 70.57% of the total costs eligible for support. Eligible costs of VIGO are – PLN 18 357 183.48, and the co-financing for VIGO – PLN 12 280 549.68.

The main goal of the project is to develop sensors for 4.0 Industry and the Internet of Things. New sensor families will be developed and put into production:

– detection modules with multi-element infrared detectors used mainly for monitoring industrial processes, they will allow for quick and accurate measurement of parameters and their remote or direct reading;

– miniature infrared detecting modules providing user-friendliness, high availability by minimizing the price, and having a mass application in all sensor network systems.

The 4.0 Industry concept is becoming a reality in which people, machines and processes are increasingly integrated with each other, making production more flexible and efficient. 4.0 Industry is an intelligent production line, and one of the most important dimensions of 4.0 Industry is an intelligent product. The Internet of Things is a concept inextricably linked with Industry 4.0, a concept according to which clearly identifiable