VIGO System: Vision and Mission

The VIGO System development vision assumes strengthening the Company’s position as one of the most innovative and dynamically developing enterprises on the market. Our goals include:

  • Delivering the most advanced photonic solutions worldwide;
  • Creating unique solutions tailored to individual customers’ needs at an affordable price;
  • Offering a full range of products for the infrared market – from photonic materials to components and ready-made sensory subsystems

Business model

Market environment

The strategy is our response to changes occurring on the global photonics’ market, as well as it anticipates the further evolution of the market and the resulting development opportunities for VIGO System.

Photonics’ market, which is part of the Company, has entered the phase of dynamic expansion. Photonic solutions have been gaining popularity in the modern economy, constituting the basis for many products targeted at mass markets (consumer electronics: smartphones, e.g. laser-based facial recognition systems, home entertainment devices, cars) as well as specialized users, including industrial plants (devices for controlling industrial processes, air and water quality monitoring systems, industry 4.0) or medical centers. The growing photonic market also boosts the demand for modern semiconductor materials as well as photonic components, such as infrared detectors and infrared radiation sources, particularly those which are strongly integrated in terms of their functionality.

Mid-infrared photonics section of the photonics market, where the Company operates, also develops at a rapid pace. The growing demand for solutions from the mid-infrared area is related to some global economic and social trends (including increased care for the environment) following the development and popularization of technology, which results in new applications. A dynamic growth in demand for high-class sensors is also stimulated by the parallel dynamic development of solutions based on cascade lasers that ensure high sensitivity, measurement accuracy, and selectivity of the tested substances, as well as the development of the industrial laser market.

The growing popularity of photonic technologies, including mid-infrared photonics, is inextricably linked to the global technological development, extended production capacities and increased efficiency of manufacturing processes, enabling an exponential growth in sensor production, while sensors’ unit prices are gradually decreasing, thus facilitating their wider use in various fields. Close cooperation among the manufacturers of key components which allows, among other things, for their modularization is crucial for the market development.

Financial goals

VIGO System’s strategic goal consists of bringing multiplied value for the Shareholders by dynamically expanding the scale of operations, which is possible due to enormous, constantly reinforced technological potential and its effective use and also thanks to unique human capital. Direction for the evolution of VIGO System is determined by the VIGO’s development strategy for the years 2016-2020, as updated in 2018.

According to the Management Board’s assessment the Implementation of the strategy will enable VIGO System to boost their sales revenues up to the level of PLN 40 million in 2018 and PLN 80 million in 2020, while maintaining the current, high levels of profitability. After 2020, the Management Board expects to maintain an average annual revenue growth rate at the level of 20-30%, both due to the increase in sales of currently developed products and the sale of new products (semiconductor materials for photonic devices, integrated laser detector modules and other photonic solutions).

Main assumptions of the strategy

The updated VIGO 2020 strategy assumes that the Company’s development shall be based on three business pillars:
  • Development of the production of infrared detectors,
  • Development of the production of semiconductor materials for infrared photonics
  • Development of quantum technologies for cascade lasers.
  1. VIGO System considers the increase in the scale of its operations to be the main priority in the basic business area of the Group. The Company’s development strategy assumes an increment in its production capacity up to 100,000 detectors per year, which will enable the Company to benefit from the economies of scale and to decrease the prices of detectors. Achieving this goal will be possible thanks to the construction of a new assembly hall where the launch of production process is planned for 2019. During the years 2019-2020, in the second stage of planned investment projects, the Company will invest in improving the quality and efficiency of production, including the increase in technological purity and implementation of new semiconductor processing technologies.

  2. Considering the rapid growth of the market and high demand for innovative semiconductor materials, the Company intends to launch the production of epitaxial layers composed of elements from groups III and V of the Periodic Table (derivatives of gallium arsenide GaAs and indium phosphide InP). Those compounds constitute the basic components used for the mass production of a wide range of photonic and microelectronic products (lasers and infrared diodes applied in consumer electronics, LIDARs, 3D cameras, facial recognition systems, 3D scanning devices, gas sensors, as well as HEMT transistors, microwave diodes, and quantum cascade lasers).
    Manufacturing process will be based on the MOCVD technology implemented in the Company since 2003. The company intends to invest in a new, efficient epitaxial system, enabling mass production of epitaxial layers

  3. Development of quantum technologies for cascade lasers. The Company intends to benefit from its strong position as the main supplier of detectors for systems based on cascade lasers and therefrom develop its own products using cascade laser technologies. In particular, this development will concern semiconductor materials and control electronics, including the development of integrated, miniature detector-laser modules. The company aims at developing a partnership in this field with the manufacturers of cascade lasers

Moreover, the development strategy assumes the continuation of innovation policy through conducting in-house R&D projects as well as the advancement of the incubator of new technologies. The company will continue its research and development activities in order to continuously improve the technical parameters of the products and to maintain the technological advantage of VIGO over its competitors. The Company plans to create an application & implementation center, which will allow for shortening the period needed for the implementation of new devices thanks to knowledge and experience of the VIGO staff members. Due to enhanced cooperation with clients and research institutions, it will be easier to adapt to customer requirements. At the same time, the Company will invest in new, innovative ventures through its own incubator of new technologies.