Space exploration

The VIGO System company is proud of its participation in international research projects whose purpose is to discover extraterrestrial life. Pioneering infrared detectors are currently used by NASA and ESA for exploring Mars under two different programs: MSL, where the detector is a part of a tunable laser spectrometer installed on the Curiosity rover, and ExoMars where products of VIGO System are incorporated in ICOTOM radiometers used for monitoring the external coating of landers. Devices contain uncooled photodiodes optimized for wavelengths of 4 and 8 μm. The instrument had to meet specific requirements for space technology, concerning in particular high resistance to mechanical impact, increased temperature and vacuum. A difficult task was to ensure very low fumigation of all the materials used for building the instrument. Positive results of detectors operation are an indication that the devices will be further used during space exploration expeditions.

Precise, non-destructive spectroscopy

More than 500 scientific publications have been prepared so far with the use of VIGO System detectors. Most of them involved refined and unique research methods aimed at improving the performance of gas analyzers. But the VIGO System sensors are successfully used also for radiocarbon dating or analyzing the chemical composition of minerals in archaeology.