VIGO System SA is a world leader in the production of uncooled, infrared photon detectors. In the 80s, at the Military Technical Academy, a team led by prof. dr. hab. Joseph Piotrowski developed a unique technology for the production of detectors working without cryogenic cooling and then implemented it into a newly created  company.

Detectors produced in VIGO are used in various areas such as:

  • railways (detection of faults of high speed trains while in motion)
  • Energy (verification of the status of the transmission infrastructure of electricity)
  • Military technology (observation and targeting systems for unmanned flying objects, smart and homing munitions)
  • Medical (detection of early stage cancer markers, cancer changes in soft tissue or disorders of the blood circulation system).
  • Industry (energy optimization).

The status of the official supplier of components for the US space agency NASA is the confirmation of  unique market position of VIGO. In cooperation with NASA VIGO developed and produced detectors working on the rover Curiosity exploring the surface of Mars.

The special asset of the company is the ability to combine research and development in the field of infrared technology with the production, in close cooperation with the user.

VIGO System SA does not forget about its roots – for many years in the joint laboratory, VIGO has conducted advanced research works on new types of infrared detectors  in cooperation with scientists from the Military University of Technology and other domestic and foreign research institutions.

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