We offer all the necessary accessories for our products. Electrical accessories such as thermoelectric cooler controllers and preamp power supplies. Mechanical accessories such as brackets for detectors and infrared modules, base mounting systems and cables dedicated to our products.
Programmable Thermoelectric cooler controller PTCC-01

TEC Controllers

It is a series of programmable, precision low-noise thermoelectric cooler controllers. They are designed to operate with VIGO System infrared detection modules: LabM-6, LabM-I-10.6 and containing TE cooled detectors and preamplifiers: PIP, MIP, FIP, SIP-TO8. The series of thermoelectric cooler controllers include PTCC -01-ADV, PTCC-01-BAS and PTCC-01-OEM.
Universal Preamplifier power supply PPS-03

Preamplifier Power Suply

PPS-03 is a small-size, easy to use and universal preamplifier power supply, designed to operate with VIGO detection module microM-10.6 and other devices containing uncooled detectors in TO39 packages and preamplifiers SIP-TO39.
MHS-2 Heatsink

Mechanical Accesories

Accessories designed for the comfortable use of infrared detectors and modules. We offer a full range of mechanical components needed to use our products. The offer also includes a optical threaded adapter. It is an accessory which allows to build complex systems containing VIGO System detection modules (AIP, MIP, PIP) and optical components.
AC adaptor and cables

AC adaptor and cables

All cables needed to connect our products: signal output cables, power supply and TEC control cables, cables for PC connection.

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