Base mounting system

DRB-2 is a stable base mountig system dedicated for VIGO detection modules with M4 mounting hole and VIGO uncooled detectors in BNC and PEM-SMA packages. DRB-2 has adjustable height and is compatible with M6 optical breadboards.

BP is a base plate made of black, lacquered steel. It provides mechanical stable conditions for mounting system. Weight: 1756 g.
MP is a mounting post made of stainless steel. It is equipped with two thread adapters TA-4-6. Weight: 115 g.
PH is a post holder made of black anodized aluminium. It is equipped with wink knob WK-4. Weight: 60 g.

DRB-2 consists of:

  • base plate BP
  • mounting post MP
  • post holder PH

Mechanical layout, mm

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