Transimpedance preamplifier

MIP is a series of medium-size transimpedance, DC or AC coupled preamplifiers, intendend to operate with either biased or non-biased VIGO detectors. MIP is equipped with a fan and does not require any additional external heatsink. It is one of the most user-friendly preamplifier which surely facilitate work.

Types of VIGO detectors that can be integrated with MIP preamplifier

  • Photoconductive: PC-2TE, PC-3TE, PC-4TE
  • Photoconductive optically immersed: PCI-2TE, PCI-3TE, PCI-4TE
  • Photovoltaic: PV-2TE, PVA-2TE, PV-3TE, PV-4TE
  • Photovoltaic optically immersed: PVI-2TE, PVIA-2TE, PVI-3TE, PVI-4TE
  • Photovoltaic multiple junction: PVM-2TE
  • Photovoltaic multiple junction optically immersed: PVMI-2TE, PVMI-3TE, PVMI-4TE

Specification (Ta = 20°C)

Typical value
 Conditions, remarks
Low cut-off frequency flo, Hz DC, 10, 100, 1k, 10k  
High cut-off frequency fhi, Hz
100k, 1M, 10M, 100M, 250M  
Transimpedance Ki, V/A
up to 200k fixed
Output impedance Rout, Ω
Output voltage swing Vout, V ±10



fhi ≤ 1 MHz, RL = 1 MΩ*)

1 MHz < fhi ≤ 10 MHz, RL = 1 MΩ*)

10 MHz < fhi ≤ 250 MHz, RL = 50 Ω*)

Output voltage offset Voff, mV
max ±20**)
Power supply voltage Vsup, V


fhi ≤ 1 MHz

fhi >1 MHz

Power supply current Isup, mA max ±50  
Ambient operating temperature Ta, °C
10 to 30  
Signal output socket
Power supply and TEC control socket
LEMO (female) ECG.0B.309.CLN
Mounting hole
*)  RL – load resistance
**)  Measured with equivalent resistor at the input instead of the detector, it is to avoid the environmental thermal radiation impact.

Mechanical layout, mm

Dedicated accessories

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