Small, for uncoold detectors

Transimpedance preamplifier

SIP-TO39 is a series of ultra-small transimpedance, AC or DC coupled preamplifiers. It is designed to operate with either biased or non biased detectors. It is compatible with VIGO thermoelectrically cooled detectors in TO39 package. SIP-TO39 is dedicated for OEM applications and does not require external heatsink. There is a possibility to adjust gain (devices with a frequency bandwidth up to 100 MHz).

Types of VIGO detectors that can be integrated with SIP-TO8 preamplifier

  • Photoconductive: PC
  • Photoconductive optically immersed: PCI
  • Photovoltaic: PV, PVA
  • Photovoltaic optically immersed: PVI, PVIA
  • Photovoltaic multiple junction: PVM
  • Photovoltaic multiple junction optically immersed: PVMI

Specification (Ta = 20°C)

Typical value
 Conditions, remarks
Low cut-off frequency flo, Hz DC, 10, 100, 1k, 10k  
High cut-off frequency fhi, Hz
100k, 1M, 10M, 100M, 250M  
Transimpedance Ki, V/A
up to 100k tunable
Transimpedance range Ki max / Ki min
up to 5
Output impedance Rout, Ω
Output voltage swing Vout, V ±10



fhi ≤ 1 MHz, RL = 1 MΩ*)

1 MHz < fhi ≤ 10 MHz, RL = 1 MΩ*)

10 MHz < fhi ≤ 250 MHz, RL = 50 Ω*)

Output voltage offset Voff, mV
max ±20**)
Power supply voltage Vsup, V


fhi ≤ 1 MHz

fhi >1 MHz

Power supply current Isup, mA max ±50 no detector biasing
Ambient operating temperature Ta, °C
10 to 30  
Signal output socket
Power supply socket
AMP2×4 (male) AMPMODU 2×4
Mounting hole
*)  RL – load resistance
**)  Measured with equivalent resistor at the input instead of the detector, it is to avoid the environmental thermal radiation impact.

Mechanical layout, mm

Dedicated accessories

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