Project Coordinator

What tasks will we entrust you with?

• Coordination of the preparation of project documentation: schedules, budgets, etc.
• Handling of regional, national and European co-funded projects
• Close cooperation with key persons in a project
• Cooperation with project team consisting of technologists/engineers/scientists
• Supervision over proper project implementation, budget monitoring, expenditure coordination,
monitoring of implementation schedule
• Conducting discussions and negotiations with partners, contractors, stakeholders
• Building a network of relationships necessary for the implementation of projects
• Initiating and supervising external and internal activities aimed at positive project implementation

What qualifications do we require?

• At least one year of experience in project work (planning, documenting and accounting) in projects co-financed from public, national or European sources and projects of a highly innovative nature, in particular those involving R&D work and technology implementation
• At least 2 years of working experience in R&D projects
• Experience in working with project documentation
• Knowledge of issues concerning public aid
• Knowledge of project management methodologies
• Good knowledge of English (at least B2, preferably C1);
• Higher education, preferably technical
• High interpersonal skills, ability to communicate effectively, including cooperation in a team featuring employees with different competencies
• Ability to solve non-standard problems and efficiently recommend decisions to be made
• Very good organisation of work, self-reliance in solving problems and overcoming obstacles
• Ability to adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions
• Determination to achieve objectives

What else might be useful to you?
• Knowledge of legal regulations related to the execution of investment and R&D projects
• Ability to use JIRA software and very good knowledge of Excel