Senior process Engineer (MOCVD)

What tasks will we entrust you with?

• Controlling the quality of the products and preparation of certificates of compliance.
• Execution of external and internal orders for epitaxial structures.
• Evaluation of ordered structures on their quality, designing their growth processes based on the latest scientific advances in physics and semiconductor technology.
• Active participation in and independent implementation of new technological developments.
• Characterization of epitaxial structures, analysing and interpretation of the results.
• Ensuring appropriate operation of measurement equipment: ECV, mapper PL, Laytec.
• Managing the maintenance of reactors and infrastructure.
• Developping procedures and overseeing technological processes.
• Operating epitaxy equipment and technological infrastructure.
• Participating in the development of MOCVD epitaxy technology and in execution of orders.

This vacancy is open for non-Polish speakers. We can speak Ukrainian, too.
• Overseeing appropriate operation of epitaxy systems, technological infrastructure and measurement equipment.
• Actively participating in the development of less experienced employees by direct coaching/ mentoring or making decisions on planned trainings.
• Coordinating development and technological works of engineers and technicians according to established production plan.

What qualifications do we require?

• Extensive experience in epitaxial technology, semiconductor physics, with a proven track record.
• Minimum Ms in physics or material science; Phd degree supported by field publications strongly preferred.
• Fluency in spoken and written English.
• Working knowledge of semiconductor characterization methods.
• High level of analytical and numerical skills.
• Achievement orientation.
• Very good communication skills.
• Teamwork ability.
• Very well developped planning & organizational skills.