Trainee in the Quality Department


You have strong analytical skills, so you pay attention to details. You are also able to see them in a broad context of influences and relationships. You want to be involved in monitoring and quality control of products and/or internal processes. And finally, you have an interest in materials engineering or optoelectronics and can’t wait to put your knowledge into practice.


We organize Summer Internship Program to give students who have completed at least 3rd year of studies a chance to gain their first professional experience. In VIGO we verify the quality of products and deal with the development of quality systems – we identify quality problems and coordinate the implementation of appropriate corrective actions, develop procedures, etc.


We can spend one holiday month, during which we will try to inspire you with our passion for quality. We will show you how we work and we will be happy to answer your questions. We will involve you in our daily tasks so that you can apply your academic knowledge into practical business solutions.
Take your chance to deepen your knowledge and gain additional skills in VIGO!

Polish language is helpful but not required. Ukrainians and other nationalities are welcome to apply.