4EF-5 is a multiband four-channel infrared detection module. Thermoelectrically cooled photovoltaic multiple junction quadrant geometry detector, based on HgCdTe heterostructure, is integrated with four-channel transimpedance preamplifier. This module uses four band-pass filters with center wavelengths: 3.34 µm, 4.26 µm, 4.47 µm and 4.71 µm. 4EF-5 is suitable for detection of most common gases.



  • Integrated TE cooler controller
  • External heatsink necessary
  • Easy assembly
  • Module based on InAsSb material available upon request
  • Other filters available upon request


  • Detection of gases:

CH4 (methane)

C2H6 (ethane)

CO2 (carbon dioxide)

N2O (nitrous oxide)

CO (carbon monoxide)


  • Flame and fire detection
  • Combustion process control
  • Explosives detection
  • Exhaust fumes analysis

Module configuration and parameters

Typical value
Channel 1Channel 2Channel 3Channel 4
Active elements materialepitaxial HgCdTe heterostructure
Active areas A, mm×mm4×(1×1)
Active element pitch, mm4.5
Active elements temperature Tdet, K~230
Centre wavelength CWL, µm3.344.264.474.71
Filter bandwidth

4 % of CWL

(130 nm)

4 % of CWL

(170 nm)

2% of CWL

(80 nm)

2 % of CWL

(90 nm)

Typical detectivity D*(CWL), cm·Hz1/2/W1.0×1091.0×1091.0×1091.0×109
-3dB Bandwidth10 Hz to 10 kHz
Supply voltage positive +Vsup, V+5.5
Supply voltage negative –Vsup, V–5.5
TE controlleron board
TEC supply positive, V


(separated source is available)

TEC supply negative, V


(should be shorted to the GND)

Output impedance Rout, Ω50
SocketWR-MM (female) SMT
Power consumption, W5


Mechanical layout, mm

Channel 1 – green, Channel 2 – yellow, Channel 3 – blue, Channel 4 – red

Electrical interface – WR-MM (female) SMT socket

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