MWIR InAsSb Detection Module

Temperature stabilized, integrated amplifier and temperature controller

The AMS3140-01 is a cost-effective solution designed for high volume applications. Built-in amplifier and temperature controller provide constant responsivity over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Wide bandwidth and low 1/f noise corner provide efficient measurements with generally available sources of radiation, including MEMS heaters, and pulsed LEDs or lasers. With differential output, the AMS3140-01 offers easy connectivity over connectors with high immunity to electromagnetic interference. Small dimensions provide easy mechanical and thermal integration with the target device.

For testing performance and evaluating the functionalities of the AMS3140-01, the Evaluation Kit is available.

Spectral response (Ta = 20°C)


  • Built-in temperature controller
  • Pin configurable chip temperature
  • Low 1/f noise corner
  • Single low voltage power supply: 3.3 V
  • Differential outputs
  • Small dimensions: 30 mm × 19 mm × 10 mm
  • Low power consumption
  • Evaluation Kit available

Specification (Ta = 20°C, Rload = 1 MΩ to ground, unless otherwise noted)

Typical value
Chip temperature Tchip, °C
-20 20
Active element material
epitaxial InAsSb heterostructure
Active area A, mm×mm
Cut-on wavelength λcut-on (10%), µm
2.35  2.40
Peak wavelength λpeak, µm
4.3  4.4
Cut-off wavelength λcut-off (10%), µm
5.4  5.7
Detectivity D*(λpeak), cm⋅Hz1/2/W
Voltage responsivity Rvpeak), V/W 400
Low cut-off frequency flo, Hz
High cut-off frequency fhi,(RLoad = 50 Ω) MHz 6.1  3.0
Output impedance Rout, Ω 50
Output voltage swing Vout, V 0.2 (negative)

2.8 (positive)

Power supply voltage Vsup, V
Acceptance angle Φ

Mechanical layout, mm


Selected Line

Infrared detection module integrates infrared photodetector, signal processing electronics, optics, heat dissipation systems and other components in common package. Products selected on the basis of high functionality and intended for many applications such as leak detection, gas analysis, temperature control for fast moving objects. Additional advantages of integration are improved high-frequency (HF) performance, output signal standardization and miniaturization. Selected Product Line guarantees a short order fulfillment date and an effective price.
Infrared Detection Modules

Configurable Line

A full range of preamplifiers dedicated to each type of VIGO System infrared detectors. The Configurable Line of modules enables the selection of the active area, type of preamplifier and bandwidth of the detection module. This makes it possible to adapt the module to the needs of your own application.
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We offer all the necessary accessories for our products. Electrical accessories such as thermoelectric cooler controllers and preamp power supplies. Mechanical accessories such as brackets for detectors and infrared modules, base mounting systems and cables dedicated to our products.

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