July 21st, 2020

We Think Beyond

We are pleased to invite you to our „We Think Beyond Epi-Wafer” webinar.

It’s a great opportunity to meet our team, learn how we achieve exceptional results in epitaxy servicesand explore our products portfolio – particularly related to VCSEL technology.

July 21st, 2020

Asia and Europe:
9:00 CEST, 15:00 CST, 16:00 JST

12:00 CDT

Topic #1
Get To Know the Epitaxy Division.

During the first session of the webinar you will gain practical insights into the complexity of the epitaxial technology and have a chance to learn more about our customised solutions in epi-wafer products.

Topic #2
VCSEL Epi-structures and Processing.

Second part of the webinar focuses on our capabilities in VCSEL technology. We will present in details our manufacturing process and explain what challenges in epitaxy and chip making have to be met to achieve outstanding results.

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Session #1

Basic information about VIGO products and how we create them.

Session #2

Where and how to use VIGO System detectors?

Session #3

New VIGO System products.

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