Session #1
June 3rd, 2020

Basic information about VIGO products and how we create them.

During the first session of the VIGO webinar, you will expand your knowledge and information
on infrared sources, detectors and optics. We will present our manufacturing process technology.
You will also learn more about VIGO products.

Watch the Session #1 Recording:



Asia: Grzegorz Leszcz

Europe: Marcin Nowacki

America: Marcin Nowacki

Welcome all participants, introduction
and presentation of VIGO System company

Jakub Grabarczyk – America Regional Sales Manager
Grzegorz Leszcz – Asia Regional Sales Manager
Marcin Nowacki, Rafal Wiatrowicz – Europe Regional Sales Manager
Adam Piotrowski – President of VIGO System

Basics of infrared, sources,
and detectors + Q&A

Kordian Lipski, Piotr Pucko – Technical Support Engineers

Manufacturing process technology
+ Q&A

Artur Trajnerowicz – Senior Process Engineer

General information and presentation
of VIGO System products + Q&A

Karolina Ogrodnik, Jerzy Lach – Technical Support Engineers