VIGO System products demonstration

During VIGO System webinar, you will gain information about VIGO System products. We will present HgCdTe infrared detectors and integrated detection modules from Selected Products Line as well as Affordable MWIR InAsSb detection module.

Our engineers will demonstrate how our devices work!  

Watch the Webinar Recording:



Asia: Grzegorz Leszcz

Europe: Marcin Nowacki

America: Marcin Nowacki

Selected Products Line Presentation + Demonstration + Q&A

Karolina Ogrodnik – Technical Support Engineer

Mateusz Żbik – Electronics Engineer

Affordable MWIR InAsSb Detection Module Presentation + Demonstration + Q&A
Jerzy Łach – Technical Support Engineer

Dariusz Wojnowski – Affordable Detection Module Team Manager

Previous VIGO System webinar sessions

Watch the VIGO System Webinars recordings.

Session #1

Basic information about VIGO products and how we create them.

Session #2

Where and how to use VIGO System detectors?

Session #3

New VIGO System products.

Session #4

1. Get To Know the Epitaxy Division.
2. VCSEL Epi-structures and Processing.

Session #5

Infrared detection potential in different applications.